Monday, November 16, 2009

The Richard Hunter Show: Fun!

This is The Richard Hunter Show. Possiblity the most fun we have had being inteviewed. I'm going to link the pod cast so you can see us live, recorded.

After a horrible trip to the studio, we arrived and was welcomed. People came over and introduced themselves to us, and petted me lovely. I never get tired of the loving.

At 4:30pm Central time, we walked into the studio. There was wires, and cameras, and computers and people. They talked and I sniffed. The companion brought my blaket with us so I would feel comfortable. He put it on a chair and pulled me close to him. Richard and Michael smiled a lot at us, and petted me and gave me so much attention.

I was alowed on the table so the web cam could see me better. I just sat there, trying to be brave and let the Companion talk about that dark time. And he did, and got it out.

But Richard really kept the talk about me and basset rescues. So I relaxed quickly. Eventually, I did what I do best, and took a nap.

Richard is involved in resuces too. He just adopted a pit bull. A pit that was used as bait for fighting! Thank you Richard and wife! The Pits need more, and this has got to stop. Don't get me started, don't even get me started! Those dogs are suffering so much. And yes they are often killed.

Here is the guys in the studio. Micheal on the left, Richard on the right, and unnamed man in the center. So much fun! So kind! The companion said to me when we got home: "I can't wait to get on face book and become a fan of the Richard Hunter Show."

"You need Facebook for that?" I asked.

Ok here is the link to the Podcast. We were on the 11-16.

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  1. I listened to you guys on the radio yesterday and switched on the webcast so I could see how pretty you are. I really enjoyed hearing your companion's story, and I wish we would have known you guys were in Dallas. My boys love meeting new basset buddies!

    Be safe on your travels, and enjoy the smells. I look forward to reading more about your adventure.