Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flips and Fixes

Well yesterday was something else. I can tell you. But lets back up some.

Lee was wonderful to let us stay with him. He cooked dinner and let the companion work out at his gym. And you know how much the companion likes to pump iron. So we left Lee’s house this morning and biked around Gainesville some then sat at the Starbucks and waited for a reporter to interview us. After that was over, we headed to Denton.

The road was loud. We are right next to the highway, and I’m ok with the noise but like the quieter roads betters. We biked 32 miles in a about four or five hours. It was getting dark but the companion told me we were almost there.


All I know is I go flying. The contraption fell away from the companion’s bike and flipped over. I jumped away from it, so it didn’t land on me.

The companion who doesn’t normally handle these situations well, did a good job. He got me to a safe place, then figured out how to get us where we needed to go. I played mad at him, just to be mean.

Today we went to Denton Bicycles to get it repaired. We walked about an hour to find the place. They were great! I got to come in the store; they talked to me, and just treated me nicely. The companion said that he was really happy with them. And after biking around town some, the companion said “well that bike shop may be the only thing about this place I like.” Several cars honked at it rudely as we were biking along. I always hate that.

I’m kind of tired, so its nap time!

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