Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At Jen's House

We are in Copperas Cove staying with the Companion’s friend Jennifer. She and he were in the Army together. They’ve talked about old times some. For me Jen has been really sweet. She gives me lovin’ and lets me have control of the house. The Companion says we are going to stay here until after Thanksgiving. Well that’s fine, but I feel that ever since I’ve arrived I’ve been having to work. It’s been working on this, checking on that, and inspecting something here. I’m beat.

I’ve scrutinized the sofa for sitting softness.

The weird sofa was checked for comfort levels.

Blue sofa arms are checked to ensure quality.

I tested the pillows for the humans. This one is ok.

I inspected the blue sofa for sleepablity.

The floor was inspected for cleanliness.

I examined the patio for warmth, relaxation

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