Saturday, September 19, 2009

What’s Going on Here?

What is going on in this house? Two darks ago my morning rest spot, my afternoon rest spot, and my night rest spots all were taken out of the house. Gone! The companion seems happy but I’m worried.

It seems that we have lived here forever. But we have not. We lived somewhere else and he did this then too. All of it was packed up and gone, and most of it I’ve never seen again. All his books gone, the sofa, and other things.

He cried a lot during that time. He was angry at Gawd, and yelled at Him a lot. He would sleep all day; he would not sleep at night. I could feel Fear around him. There were others too, evil things around talking to him in a strange language I didn’t understand. But I didn’t like them there, and I just stretched and lay next to him as close as I could. Sometimes I would lay on top of him or between his legs. I thought the closer I was to him, the less they would be around.

But they came, every day.

After they left, the companion would get up and walk to the sofa and sleep again. And I would go too. Then he would wake and go look for a job. He always returned more sad than when he left. Sometimes he would ask me to sing: he would then cry.

I hope he’s not going back to that time. I hope it not. He was so different then.

I think he is not like that, I don’t feel anything from him about that. But this with my rest spots, and his clothes leaving. This makes me nervous.

Could this be apart of the Adventure he is telling me about?

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