Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After we found the right sleep place, the companion built the home. He put it up in no time while I walked around the area smelling things. We then walked around some. He got his laptop out and played on it for some time. Then we went in the house.

It has a high top and we slept on the ground. It was kind of roomy. He worked on lap top but then said: I’m beat, I’m so tired. I was kind of too. I’d been awake all day—no naps. Sleep is really important to me.

So I put myself in the corner, and went to sleep. Middle of the night: sounds. Sounds all over the place. People, animals. Sounds. I was a bit nervous because I couldn’t see what was making it. So I got up an paced around the tent to wake the companion.

He pulled me near him and cuddled up some and I relaxed. But I’m the protector here. So I paced some more, and got him up again. Then he said: outside. And I got excited, cause he understood I wanted to go out and see what was going on.

I walked out, and sat and looked at the edge of the trees, and waited. That’s where the sounds were. That’s were it will come from. The companion says: come on back in. And he pulls the leash.

I slept ok but not great. There was to much to be worried bout. But snore bucket was completely out.

I think land is wonderful. I loved all that I smelled and heard. I just wanted to know more.

The picture is me in the home.

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