Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Bike 65 Miles

So I need to tell you guys about the trial trip. I'm going to tell it two parts, the way there, and then sleeping. Today is the way there.

That's what it was. Stressful.

We left early in the morning before the sun was over the buildings. It was light, but not warm. The companion needed do some digging cause the streets he took me down were bad. We were in town, and sometimes on the road and sometimes on the sidewalk.

up and down up and down up and down.

I thought I was going to be tossed from the contraption.

And on top of that--car, after car after car car car car.

They were all fast, they were all mean. Some yelled at us. Some made that sound they make that I hate. I was really stressed out, and so was the companion.

We stopped along the way to eat some and walk around some. When the Sun was just past mid sky, we stopped at a store. He got off the bike and talked to a lady, and they had a nice chat. She gave him direction and said things would be better for us on the road from there.

And it was.

The world opened up, and I could not stop looking. It was field and field of corn, and soy beans. Just open and peaceful and quiet. From that store we went down only three more streets. As we turned on each street, there were less cars, and more quiet. So nice.

the wind would lift my ears, and I enjoyed it. The companion biked and biked and didn't stopped, until something went wrong with the bike. He let me out, and he fixed it. And we walked up the hill some.

I liked that. the grass has smells I hadn't smelled before. There were many things I wanted to follow. There were sounds I've never heard before int he trees, and when we walked I could hear them well. I liked the walking, and on the way back to home, we did it more.

I liked the trip, and after we left the buildings and there was corn all around, it was very peaceful.

But the night was not so peaceful.

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