Monday, September 21, 2009

Talking with the Lady (Communicator)

One of my favorite things I did on Sunday at the Waddle was talk with this Lady, Terri. She is what the companion calls an animal communicator. And through her I could talk with the Companion. I got to tell him some things.

First he wanted to make sure that I understood, he was not going to leave me. So Terri explained that my forever home was with him, and where he is will be my forever home. This adventure we are going on means we are moving from place to place. And I don’t really like this, but Terri explained that was apart of the adventure. Terry explained he needed to find job and a better home for us. So I’m making that my intention for the adventure.

Terri and I talked about how much I like the idea of helping other homeless bassets. I want him to know that we cannot just do this bike trip for ourselves: we have to think of others. He seemed happy, and emotional, when I told him that.

I told Terri that I was worried about him, because I knew he was worried.

We talked about the bike. Yes I like it. And I’m not worried about getting hurt. She explained to him why I stand when we ride, and let him know I’m not tired. I just feel more balanced.

He wanted to know if I knew about the suicidal thoughts he had. I did, as you know. Why wouldn’t I know? But I didn’t want to tell him as much about them as I know. I just wanted him to know that I’m here to watch out for him. We are a good team, and I love him. We’ve got so much to live for! I just told her that. I don’t want him to know everything I know about those dark thoughts.

Terri told the companion how to talk to me. But most importantly how to listen to me. She told him, when you are on your bike, you can talk and she will hear you. ‘just start with the connection you have with her,” and talk to her. She will hear you.

Here Here!

Start with the connection.

He’s working on it. You see when you think about us with your heart, the connection, it’s a like a signal, like a ring. Our hearts warm. And you can talk to us, and we will hear you. So many humans don’t start their talking and listening with the connections you have with us, or with each other. He’s working on it. And he told me he was going to try it on his friends as well.

He asked about the time before him, but I really didn’t want to talk about it much. My life started when he took me home. But I know he would be upset if I didn’t point out how life is bad in breeder mills. But I’m going to ask you to go find the video with Charlize Theron, from PETA. The video tells the story. And she is so beautiful, and so sweet to want to stop this.

Finally, I got to tell him that I love him.

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  1. Marshall--was so great to finally meet you and Antigone!! You said if We subscribe to the blog you get paid.....How do I do that? Take Care and Be safe you two!!