Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Waddle

The Waddle

So much to talk about there. There were many bassets, and it was totally cool. I was really excited. I didn’t nap all day!

We first went on the bike to meet Sue and her daughter. They drove us to the waddle. I sat the way there on the companion’s lap, and I looked out the window most of the way. Things go by faster in the car, and I don’t get to smell anything from the outside in the car.

The Waddle is an event with lots and lots of bassets. I’ve never seen so many. We all met each other on a grassy area, and it was sweet. Then we walked down through the town. I was so excited. All these people were there to see us walking by! I run a lot of it. Then it rained so we came home. Still very nice day.

This is a picture of me in my new Travel hat. The companion likes to geek me up from time to time. I like some of the clothes. That Rugby shirt is great! The hat is fine. It doesn’t hurt or get in the way.

Later, I’ll tell you about talking with Terri, later. The Companion is a bit emotional about it.

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