Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Contraption

Well here it is that contraption! He calls it The Cab. The companion is crazy if you ask me.

I don’t really like it but he is trying to make it comfortable for me. I jumped out one time when he had the noose tied to the front of the contraption. See he can tie it so I can lay down on the blankets and pillows, or he can tie it at front, and I can do the same. But from the back I can’t go forward too much. When he tied it to the front, he gave me a chance to jump!

This is what happened: we were moving then suddenly he got that contraption jump up in the air to scare me.

Well I was having none of that, so out I jumped! But he kept going. So I ran along side and barked. He stopped and petted me and told me it was ok, and he was sorry. He was very sweet—but still crazy!

He fixed the noose to the back the next time. We went around slowly for a while. I like it when he pulls the top down, I feel safer. On a long ride the light before this light, he kept the top up. And when we were on quiet streets I liked it ok, but the busy streets are scary. Still on the quiet streets so much goes by fast, I feel sick. We stop and I want to get out and he’s like: here’s a treat. I don’t want your peanut butter, I want out.

And where did I get out, but some place I don’t know where a black Labrador lives. A Labrador. Named Oliver. A lab. Gawd! That breed drives me insane. Oliver was all paws, and I thought he was part octopus. He wanted to play some.

But I don’t play.

Well there it is the contraption. Pray for me.

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