Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Are Still Going

Today, another day without the contraption. The companion is busy on the computer and cleaning the house. I was excited because I thought if we didn’t train every day then we were not going.

But two things happened today. He got an email from SparkPeople, and they are sending him a T shirt for him to wear. “So now we got to go.”

Oh boy. SparkPeople is the web site he used to lose weight. He was so unhappy being “morbidly obese.” Then he found this free web site, joined and from that point on things got happier. I’ve put the link up too. If it helped him, it can help you.

And he is talking about a camping trip this weekend. Unless we get rain.

Please Rain!

I like the idea of spending the days with the companion. He’s kind of pleasant these days. He’s had worse days but now he smiles a lot and gives me a lot of loving.

But I’m sure we are going he keeps saying: There is a Basset Rescue in Kansas City that is expecting us to come rolling in on the bike mid October. Or he says: There is a basset rescue in New Mexico that is expecting us to come biking in at the beginning of November. Then he ends the sentence with: We don’t want to disappoint them do we?

Don’t we?

I guess not. If we can help other bassets find homes it will be ok. I never really liked the other bassets that came to our house. I didn’t like them in my space. But one day, when I was pouting on a walk, the companion stopped and reminded me that I had a foster home, and that is what helped me find him.

I forgot. My life was so bad before living in the breeder mill, that I just put it all behind me. I put it away and I never think about it. I only think back as far as when the companion took me home. But after he reminded me, I keep it in mind.

And now I realize that I can help. So if we must travel to the Pacific, then I’ll talk about Basset rescues. Find a rescue in your area! Foster! Help us!

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