Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I hope I'm living up to expectations.

I've been feeling odd lately, and I didn't know why. I get antsy some, and want to go out more than I did in Chicago. Well Portland is prettier! And when we walk around the neighborhood, its so much more quieter than Chicago, and there is less traffic so I get more intensive smells of what I want to smell. Then I come back and sleep! I like my sofa, and I like sleeping.

But then I wonder, what's going on? where are we going? Shouldn't we be doing something. I'm not used to this sitting around all day. And what's with the Companion? Sitting here with me.

and I've not seen the bike for a long time. He went out on it. I know he did, he told me he did. And he said: I don't like riding alone, I miss Antigone being there.

The companion things that I might just be missing the adventure. I think he is missing the adventure. I like being at home. But really, I kind of miss it. I kind of miss all the nice people we met, I miss all the new things we saw and smelled. I miss the work of bringing awareness to basset rescues.

It was really a great time!

I know he is working on the book, but we could use a few days out on the bike I think. I'd like to see more of this Oregon!


  1. Ahhh Antigone, I know all to well this feeling. Being stuck at home, even with a purpose, when you're use to being out and about, it is hard.

    Sounds like a few exploring trips would be perfect to help you both out. Have fun!

  2. Exploring Portland will be fun. Perhaps you and the companion can link up with some other Basset Hound people and try some tracking. It's really fun - it's the one time when your people WANT you to sniff and they follow you. Very cool!


  3. Hi Antigone -- My comment isn't particularly about your latest post, but I wanted to tell you something. Your story was in our Basset Hound Rescue of GA newsletter and I just identified with it so much that I felt compelled to write. My Thea (sorry - not basset - Cat) and my basset Jessie Ruth also saved my life during a difficult depression (what an understatement difficult is). Thank you for doing so much to educate and interest people about both basset rescue and suicide prevention.

  4. April 3, 2010

    Hope you both have a wonderful day.

    PS: Haven't heard from you two for a week and a half. Getting a little worried about you, though I know how a writer can get distracted once he gets to writing :)

  5. Dear Antigone,
    My name is Buddy and I am a Jack Russell-Dachsund mix. My companion lets me sleep on the couch too, and wherever I want for that matter. I do, however, spend many a day lounging on the chair in our front room as it is raining and I long for the sunshine in Hawaii where I'm from. Anytime the sun shines through our windows here, I lay in the warmth! I have watched over my companion as you have yours in times of depression and I am glad your companion is watching out to save your fellow Bassets! Tell him we are proud he has found purpose and that purpose and a sense of need is what has many times brought my companion out of depression as well. Continue to take good care of him! He needs you, his unconditional friend.

  6. hey there Antigone! Fiona & Lucy here! we are both rescues from Oregon Basset Hound Rescue. They are doing a little promotional ppearance on Saturday (4/10) between 9 am & 3 pm at Bassitt Automotive 18115 SW Baseline Road.

    There is also a Basset Hound Meetup Group ( meetup.com) we are having a get together at noon the same day in Wilsonville. our Mom is going to try to get us to both. Maybe we'll see you Saturday!

    Fiona & Lucy ( & momma Adrienne)

  7. LOVED your story in the Oregonian! You are indeed living in a wonderful city for bikes and dogs. Welcome to paradise, both of you!

    Best regards,


  8. My mom fosters Bernese Mt dog (Kami-me) and had three golden retrievers before me. Rescues always
    are needing loving foster homes. Its a great way to interview your forever peeps!

  9. I was amazed by your beautiful, inspiring story in the Oregonian today, Antigone! Welcome to Oregon, I hope your new life here is wonderful, and your book a resounding success!

  10. Blanche and WilmaApril 7, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    Please contact us at blancheandwilma@yahoo.com We live with two adult female companions in the Sellwood section of Portland, just across the Sellwood Bridge. We are 4 and 6 respectively and are half sister basset hounds (the same mom). We would like to meet and greet you to the Portland area and want to go for a friendly walk and talk. Please let your companion know this as we admire you both for your challenging ride across the country and for your anti-suicide/basset rescue mission.

  11. Hello Antigone Puppleagus,

    We like your name already and just found your blog. We think you're a very handsome basset!

    Tee and the Dog Woods Pack