Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There he is: Zac the Cat. Here he is on my sofa, stalking me while I sit next to the companion.

I don't enjoy the company of cats.


  1. Antigone, It's your old friend Kirby from Chicago. I'm doing fine and have a new friend from GABR. His name is Quincy and he is a bossy pain in my butt. I think it's awesome what you and the companion have accomplished. I miss you and think of you often. God bless and will talk to you soon. Kirby Stronglegs

  2. Hey Antigone! Glad to see you & the companion settled in with a beautiful couch for you to enjoy! Perhaps you give Zac a chance? I'm a Pug and live with five cats- imagine that. After some time my feline siblings have grown on me and even let me eat their treats once in a while. Mmm, cat treats- have you ever tried those? Keep an open mind Antigone; you never know where you might find a friend.

  3. That's right Antigone, sometimes cats can be your friends. If we leave anything edible, or anything that smells interesting, on the kitchen counters, the cats don't just eat the goodies while remaining on the counters - they knock it to the floor, so the dogs can have some too. Of course you should learn not to wag your tail in front of a playful cat, but Zac doesn't look very playful in the picture!

  4. I think a peaceful coexistence is the way to go with this one!

    Scooter & Rocky

  5. AH, sweet Antigone. My sweet Shiloh pup (a basset) had the company of a cat. Together, they worked for the common good of attaining treats when we were away from the home. 'Ya never know. But as "anonymous" did point out, he doesn't look playful, just be polite and watch your tail! ~

  6. I know how you feel, Antigone. My daughter has an orange cat. His greatest pleasure is to hide, and lie in wait. Then when I walk by, unsuspectingly, WHAM!! He jumps out and bats my leg with his front paws. I guess he just loves to hear me scream.:) Dogs rule!!!!!

  7. Hello companion (and Antigone),

    I'd like to do a story on you two for the paper. I don't see an email link on your blog, so could you get in touch with me?

    pets AT jvlunen DOT com