Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Biography

The Companion and I had a talk today. He's not doing much but looking at the computer, checking for emails. He's waiting for some word about us getting a room. He's kind of not working and that bothers me. I was wondering how to get his attention when he stepped away from the computer and cleaned up some around the room. Then we went for a second long walk. That was my chance.

On the walk I had the talk with him about my biography.

I think it is time for him to type my biography. My story is definitely interesting. So I suggested we start at the beginning. The place I don't think about much, but did think about about it in the desert. The puppy mill. But be brief.

But then talk about the journey across now nine states! So the companion is typing up my biography. Right now we are calling it: _Antigone Goes West: The Biography of Antigone Puppleupagus_. I like it. It's got spirit, it's got soul.

The companion and I have a connection. It's strong. But during this journey, the companion has opened up, and can hear me better. He's going to be a good typist.

My biography! Antigone Goes West: The Biography of Antigone Puppleupagus. It has spirit. Adventure. Wow!


  1. Sounds like a award winner to me! I would call it: Antigone: Basset goes West. See if Disney Pixar has interest.

    Aspiring screenwriter Derby

  2. It's a wonderful idea!! I want the first autographed copy. :) Go for it. Don't let Companion give up on his dreams. There are more people than you know who are cheering you both on. GO GO GO!

  3. Will get a copy in any case, but sure hope that it will be available for the Amazon Kindle - honest!

    Pixar? YES!!

  4. Antigone, sounds like an award winner for sure. I'm already to buy a copy. You and your companion take care and I'm glad to hear you didn't bike up I-5.