Monday, March 8, 2010

We Leave SF

We left San Fran on the light before this light. The companion found us a ride in a van with three women all traveling to Seattle. We drove for a long time, and I had space to nap as much as I wanted too.

The ladies were like cool rockers. Thank heavens I wasn’t in the travel hat! They each have stories to tell about their lives. I enjoyed relaxing with them. The companion even took the wheel some. I was a bit nervous because it has been a long time for him to drive. And I remember his road rage in Chicago.

To my surprise, when we arrived at the hotel, the companion said: I was a bit scared driving into town.

He scared? He’s such a goofball.

Northern California was really beautiful. But I couldn’t focus as much as I can on the bike. It all goes by so fast. And I don’t really get to smell anything. I heard the Companion say today that he also missed the biking up here. It would have been really pretty.

But I can see he is thinking of other bike trips to take. But for now the challenge is looking for a place to live and getting settled in Portland. But I know the companion, and I know how he things, and I know how much he’s going to miss the bicycling, and I know how much he loved seeing the Pacific. I think it won’t be long before we are taking a weekend trip to see it again!


  1. Antigone and Companion, you guys have trekked so far. You are to be commended. Time to take a rest. Get settled. Warmer weather will soon be here. Plenty of time for more riding then. Please take care of yourselves.

  2. Hey you, welcome to Portland and check out the Bears List-

  3. Welcome to portland i just read about you in the oregonian i live in st.johns too.I love oregon the ocean is a bike ride away the falls and the damn are a bike ride away also. hope to see you around

  4. Hello-I live in the Sellwood section of Portland, right across the Sellwood Bridge. I live with a companion and we have two bassets, Blanche and Wilma, who are half sisters. They are ages 4 and 6. Perhaps we can all meet and go for a walk some time. Please email me at: We are all amazed by your incredible journey.