Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Welcoming Oregon

A few Lights ago, an article about us was printed in the Oregonian. This has happened a few times for us before. But this time, we didn't do anything: they came to us! The companion was really excited about it. The article was really nice and both the companion and I liked it.

Since the article was published we've been sent lots of lovely messages of welcome! The companion is feeling really good too. And I know his spirits are lifted. He's been happy a lot but I think he's feeling less important.

I think he misses the purpose we had while on the bike ride. For some reason he doesn't see writing my story as purposeful as the bike ride. I think he needs to get out more and move his body. I've encouraged him to do this . He would work on my blog more when he had been bicycling all day and now that he isn't he works less. Well that is going to change. He's not told you about Dove Lewis at all. My my my!

And he calls me the lazy bum.

But all the welcomes we have received has encouraged him again. And yesterday he got out and went for a run.

Why anyone would want to go running, I don't know. But he said he would enjoy it. But he's not always non crazy.

This picture was drawn by a welcoming Oregonian! She was inspired by our story. I like it, and the companion does too. He loves sketches. I think it looks just like me. The companion said to me: When an artist draws you, it is their greatest compliment. Its like dedicating a book to someone.

We are really touched with the warmth we are receiving here in Oregon. Thank you all for your warm welcomes!

The Companion however, has a few things to learn. One in particular: when I'm sniffing, I'm working, and I need my quiet, space, and most of all not be be dragged away from him, because you got some coffee to drink. Please! And he needs to remember how much we, me and the readers, believe in him.

He's so forgetful! And he needs to get me a new trailer! I'm tired of not bicycling!


  1. Antigone, good to have you back!! I read the Oregonian article on line. It was great. Please tell Companion that his purpose has only just begun. He has peoples' attention now. If there is a crisis center near you, he could visit and talk to those who are going through the same nightmare he went through. He's walked that dark and lonely road--people will listen. He can provide hope for them.And you,too, Antigone (there's just something about looking into your sweet face that has such a calming affect). People NEED to hear your message. Together both of you WILL change lives.

  2. Welcome back! It's great to see you're blogging again! It's amazing that people have really caught on to your story, and that picture looked alot like you! Hopefully you can get back to biking again!

  3. Antigone,

    I was so glad to read an update as I think of you often. Keep working on the companion. We humans need our friends to give us gentle pushes in the right direction. We know this, but are not always ready to admit that our pet companions are aware of more than we think.