Monday, April 26, 2010

First Draft

Oh poor Companion so tired. He left and went to Starbucks to finish the draft. He came back with a draft completed. As I hoped he would.

He came in, laid on the sofa, my sofa, and pulled the hoodie down and went to take a nap. I'll have to keep my eye on him, so that he doesn't get lazy. A completed draft is not a completed book.


  1. Yes, please make sure he doesn't just stuff that draft in a draw somewhere. We are looking forward to reading the final version. We are rescue bassets (2 anyway), not from GABR though. But our Mom volunteers for GABR all the time. Good Luck on keeping the Companion awake. :) The Hounddogs

  2. Antigone,a first draft!! How exciting!!! Let Companion rest. Believe me, ideas will soon abound inside his head. Even if a writer isn't writing, it doesn't mean he's not working on the book. Thoughts will still bounce inside his head. When he gets them in the order he feels best tells your story, then the words will be written. Also,tell companion be patient; even the best known writers revise and rewrite several times(editing) before the masterpiece is finished. Please tell him that a lot of people believe in him, and are excited for him. The best things cannot be rushed. Keep us updated, Antigone.

  3. Wow, a first draft already? Writing is hard work. You should be proud of the companion! It will gete asier from here since he did the hardest part, getting it all down. Now just some refining.