Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tracking Warmed-up Hot Dogs

This morning is not so rainy, so the Companion thought it would be fun for us to go tracking. This is me waiting on him to finish laying the trail so I can find that sock. He always wants me to find a sock.

Tracking is possibility the most fun ever! I get so excited when we do it. But I also get tired. It takes a lot of energy to follow a path. But about me finding and following the trail to the prize. I've got to sniff and follow the one trail that will lead to the sock, and a pile of warmed up hot dog. I love warmed up hot dog.

This is a game that uses my natural nose, and is fun. We play in the house to but not with warmed up hot dog, and not like this. Here he lays the trial, I find and follow. And along the way I get a bit of warmed up hot dog. Yuummmm. In the house, he tosses the treat and I have to find it. Some times its in the hallway, sometimes on the stairs, some times on the sofa. In the house I have to focus my nose on the treat, and find it. But since there no trail leading to it, I have to search all the areas and find it.

Here I am tracking. You can tell I'm tracking and not just walking because I've got my red Guardian Angel Basset Rescue leash on. You know how he is with the signals.

Today we did something new with our game. Today he turned a corner. I'm following the trail along the way going forward, suddenly it turned to the right, and went in a new direction. I handled it like a pro.

This is Assumption Catholic Church, at Assumption Village. It is two blocks from my house, and here is were we did our tracking, and I turned the corner like a pro. I'm so glad the Companion insisted I be in the picture. Aren't you?


  1. Great Job on your tracking exercise. Keep up the good work. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Way to go!!! Tracking is so much fun isn't it? Soon the companion will turn several times, and he'll be soooo impressed when you follow his track with the greatest of ease! Have fun!

    Scooter, Rocky & Sandy (ATB)

  3. Is that tiny speck to the left of the door YOU?