Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Begin

Today was a day of fun, and a day of difficulties.

Today we started the day early. The companion packed the contraption and complained about it while he was doing it. But it was packed and we went to see that Labrador Oliver again. Since I was excited for the adventure, I played with him some.

Then we went to a bike shop for the Companion to get a few things for bike.

It was all fun, but then we got on the bike begain our trip. The rain started shortly after we started and continued for most of the the time we biked. I was wet. My lovely hat was wet and dirty. The Companion kept up his spirits, I could tell. But the rain was a bit much.

The we stopped at this house. And the Companion knew the people who lived there. There were two kids, two girls that played wit me some, and petted me. I got a lot of attention there. But one of the humans is allergic to dogs, and I had to stay in the kitchen. When we went to bed, I slept outside the living room door, and the companion slept on the floor, so we were close.

I worried about the girls in the night, so I would get up and check on their door.

Fun day! (well without the rain.)

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