Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is Magnolia's in Carlinville. This is where the Companion ate breakfast every light we were here. He seemed to like it.

We set out today for another bike ride. I was enjoying the rest. But we are on the bike again. We passed through open areas. with lots of smells. and lots to see. The ride was ok most of the way.

This is Otterville. The companion seemed to really like this town. I'm not sure why. there wasn't much there. Although some interesting smells around there. But the companion isn't into smells.

Then we went to sleep outside. The companion was in a bit of a panic and it upset me. I could tell he was worried, and I know why: we didn't know where we were. He thought he was in the right place, and he was, but on a different side. He was really nervous about it. I don't like it when he gets nervous, and it makes me nervous. It's that bike.

This is the path we took after we woke up.


  1. Dear Antigone,
    It must be incredible to travel as you do, having the entire country to see, sniff and explore close up and doing so for a good cause as well.
    I too was in a rescue, and before that I was in a terrible shelter, but now I live with my dad and life is really good.
    Well, I just wanted to let you know that although we may not be able to stand by the road and bark as you pass by, we are out here rooting for you.
    Good luck, and be safe.

  2. I'm glad you found a forever home like I did. Its so nice to be with a human who cares for you.

    I'll try to keep the companion in line and make sure he keeps me safe.

    thank you for reading my blog!