Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tebbetts: Rain, Warmth, New Friends!

On the Companion's Birthday we biked 50miles to Tebbetts, MO. On The Katy Trail. I've enjoyed the trail a lot: there is plenty to smell along the way. The trail is warmer than being on the open street, and quieter too. I'm going to miss the trail when we leave it to go back on the the streets.

We biked for some and then the rain started. So the companion got out and covered me to keep me dry. But I kept my head out of the contraption and it got wet. The rain would stop from time to time but we really didn't have a long break.

Then we arrived at Tebbetts and the companion found us a house to stay in, with some people I didn't know. I was excited to be in the warmth, and to run around such a large house. There was a second floor to see, and a bottom floor with lots of things to smell. We stayed two nights.

There were six others with us. And they gave me all the love and attention I could want. George would stop and pet me every time he walked by. David gave me cheese. CJ would let me sit on his bed and would pet me.

But after two days we had to say goodbye, and I didn't want to, I wanted to get more loving!


  1. Antigone, you and you companion are on a great adventure and I'm enjoying hearing about it! Just how far West are you coming? I am ALL the way West, right up to the Pacific Ocean! The ocean is noisy and the waves crash all the time. I think you would like it here way out West, but it might be a little noisy for you to get used to. I was rescued too 2 years ago, and my name is Teddy. I am a 9 y.o. basset, but I feel like I'm only 6! My mom has volunteered for Basset Rescue of Southern California for 6 years, and she loves basset hounds. I have another "sister" basset hound named Josefina. She's 14 1/2 so I call her "the old lady"but she's still fun. Write when you can. Will I see you in Southern California sometime? Hope so!
    Warmest Regards,
    Teddy Boy Nat (a.k.a.Theodore Roosevelt Nat)

  2. I would love to see you guys when we get there! we are biking through southern CA. I think the Companion has emailed that rescue to see if they would like for us to talk about them when we get there.

    Did you know there were articles written about us already?