Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today started out well. We biked in cloudy weather, and it was kind of cold but not bad. But the companion was having bad time. he seemed happy, but we were going so slowly. and the wind was hitting us in the face alot.

We stopped in Pontiac and had lunch we a lady, who asked us some questions. She took some photos of us. The companion seemed happy about the talk. And then we started to bike a gain.

Rain came.

So we stopped at a store. They sale used cars. They let us sit inside and the humans talked. One of them asked the companion, "Are you that guy biking across the country with his dog?" He then told us that we were in the Chenoa Town paper. The companion was really happy. They got him a copy of it, and he read it to me, and showed me there was a picture of me in it.

I'm there star here!

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