Wednesday, October 28, 2009

60 Miles Then a Short Day!

The companion and I had to bike 60 miles from Greenfield to Joplin. In Joplin we stayed with Jason and the mean cat. I was so tired after the long bike day.

The picture was taken just before the last bit of rain started. It looks like a monument but it's not. It is just some big thing sitting outside of a store called the Flyn' W. But the Companion totally digs these things. He is always stopping to get a photo and getting one with me in it. OH Dear! (there grandmom, hope you are proud.)

The weather was dark and warm with rain. We biked in rain four times through the day. But the last was the longest, lasting for a couple of hours (on and off). But the Companion put a rain coat on me so it was fine. I don't like getting wet so it was great. The rain wasn't bad.

This picture is me running in the back yard at David's house. After we biked 60 miles on Sunday, we had a short day on Monday. I was so excited to be in a fenced in back yard that i ran around and got the Companion to chase me. Lots of fun.

Then I went to sleep.

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