Monday, October 19, 2009

Rest and a new Annoyance

Yesterday we arrived in Kansas City, by way of cheating. The companion's friend drove out to the country to find us, pick us up in his van, and drive us to his home. It was a 30 min drive, and the companion said we couldn't have made it to KC if he didn't. We would have had to camp out. Instead of camping we slept in a warm house, with a family and children, and an annoyance. I say cheating is ok sometimes.

I love camping--in warm weather. So I was glad for the cheating. The companion says we are going to stay for a few days and rest before we begin again. I'm happy for the rest, and I'm making myself at home already. My hat is off, so that means no bike for me. My harness is off, and that means we are home.

I love resting. Resting feels good, it makes me happy.

But the other day, the Companion was odd. Not odd like crazy or sad, odd like "Ohmygawd! What are we doing?" kind of odd. And still today, I can tell that he is thinking of the next part of the journey, and feeling nervous. He feels overwhelmed I think, sometimes.

What happened was he was pedaling and I was in the Contraption. When suddenly he yells: "What? Are we really biking across the country? Am I crazy?" Then he giggled and pedaled faster.

Yes, we are biking across the country to someplace called the Pacific. And of course he's crazy. I know, or at least I've heard the companion say: people bike across the country all the time. But this journey is different. We are doing it without training, little money: and he is taking me. Most bikers don't take their dogs.

And this isn't a joy ride either: We are looking for a new home. The companion is moving, and he is making sure I am with him. Yesterday he said to me: "I know you don't really like this, but I can't stand the thought of you not being with me." That made me feel good. I've found my forever home, but so many other basset have not. I hope we can help.

So yes people must bike like this all the time, but this is not like their rides.

The companion doesn't realize this but I remember what Susan said to him when we went to the waddle. She said: 'most people would get rid of the dog, but you are keeping Antigone. That's what makes this great!" We make a good team!

The new annoyance. They call it Princess. Oh bother.

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