Friday, July 16, 2010

St. Johns Brige, Dove Lewis

Today was another great day! So sunny in Portland and so lovely. The Companion and I did something we have not done before. We went to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital to do some volunteer work. It was so fun.

First we had to cross the St Johns Bridge. We live in north Portland, but more correctly, St Johns. St. Johns was once its own town. We go for walks in town and sit and have coffee at the Starbucks. But I've never crossed the bridge before. Today we did. So fun. And after you get to the top of it you fly down the hill!

There are lots of bridges all over Portland. The Companion has biked across them a few times, but he has not taken me across them.

We went to Dove Lewis to volunteer. I don't have the right kind of digits, so I couldn't help. I just oversaw what was going on. Everyone in the office stopped and said hello to me and was really kind. We are going to go back on Monday.
Dove Lewis is Portland's Emergency Hospital doing critical care. They do things that very few are certified to do. The are open 24 hours, and the help people who can't pay with assistance.

But they do much more. They train dogs and cats and their humans to volunteer as therapy pets. Something the Companion things is not for me, because I don't do basic obedience. Well I don't care for obedience commands. At Dove Lewis you can go to group sessions to help you when your companion goes to the bridge.

Dove Lewis has a blood bank. Several dogs in the area come to donate blood just like a human might do. But I'm not heavy enough to donate, and I've had puppies before. So I'm not qualified. The criteria for cats is even harder, so when the find cats that meet it, they live in the hospital! How about that!

We will be going back on Monday. But I think we should go do some of the community programs so I can blog about them!


  1. I had never thought about dogs donating blood before. Interesting. What are the criteria?

  2. There are just a few things,
    current on all vaccines
    weight 55 lbs at least
    between 1 and 6 years of age
    easy going,
    never had a transfusion or been pregnant

  3. Antigone, you and your companion have set a great example by reaching out to others. In these difficult times, more than ever, we all should be inspired to reach out in some way, big or small, to our comunities. We applaude you Antigone and Companion.Thank you.

  4. Hey... where's the travel bonnet? Sheesh can't travel properly without your bonnet Antigone! I'm always on the lookout for you two when I trael in that part of town... but I don't get over there too often, since I live in Beaverton and work downtown. :-)