Monday, July 19, 2010

Adidas, Veterans, Suds

On Sunday the Companion and I went for a short bicycle ride down town. Now that he has taken me across a bridge, he is no longer afraid or nervous about doing it. He's a pro now. Well we went down a beautiful and not to busy road. In the middle of the down hill was this place called Adidas. With this huge shoes in front. Of course we had to stop and get a photo.

I wish he hadn't. Not that it was a bad statue, no I liked it. But it was on the down hill, and the wind was feeling so good!

So we were going to a fundraiser for the Veterans for Human Rights. This is a group that the Companion wanted to join. Although he's not sure what they do. What it is for him is meeting more people, being apart of a group that is doing something for others, and they are veterans. He is too. And I think this is good.

how different would it have been in Chicago, if he had these connections? How different would is life have been if he had volunteer from time to time. Now in Portland, I've been telling him, he has to be more involved in the community. And now that the book is at a place that he feels ok with it. He is doing that, he is volunteering. Since going down yesterday to meet the veterans, he has gotten some encouragement. One of the men works at the VA. They talked and he suggested to the Companion to volunteer at the VA.

This would be a great idea. He could get some references and he could meet some people and maybe get a job. There! Good idea!

The Fundraiser was a car wash done by shirtless men in sailor hots. The event was called Studs 'N Suds. I'm not for water, so i stayed in the back ground. There was a DJ and lots of people getting their car washed! Great time!

We then went to have some food at the restaurant who was allowing their parking lot to be used for the car wash. The Companion had a burger and got me some bacon!


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