Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meeting Local Artist

So the Companion’s interest in Roadside Attractions doesn’t stop after he’s had a few Margaritas. No the definition of a roadside attraction is broaden.

On Sunday, after the car wash, the companion and I sat with some of the guys and had some food, and he had some margaritas. Then when we left to come home. We passed by this man, painting on the wall. It is a canvass and it is being used for a commercial. He had a deadline of the next day, and would be painting most of the night and morning.

Does this prevent the Companion from stopping and getting a photograph of me with the artist while he was working and have to finish the work quickly. Oh no, the Companion treated it like a roadside attraction.

I found it slightly rude. And I kept telling the Companion he was being rude, but he wasn’t listening. I think the Artist heard me and thought I was talking about him because he apologized for being rude and ignoring the Companion. Why apologize? He was working! The Companion was rude.

Still, I thought it was fun to meet a local artist. The Companion loves art and loves to go to museums. For his birthday one year he had a painting of his family done. But I wasn’t in it. He had commissioned it before I was adopted.

So I think he is always looking for an artist to do a portrait of us to memorialize our journey across the country. Which I never say this, but I am so proud of what we did. Reaching out and helping the others really helped the Companion get himself up and going again.

Now all we need is a job and he can find an artist to memorialize our journey.

To find out more about this artist go to: I think I’ll start a new section called: My favorite artists!


  1. I sure hope you and companion are able to have a portrait done. Just be sure to post it so we all can see.

  2. Doning some awesome things Antigone. Are you going to make it to the Waddle for GABR?

  3. The Companion needs to be spanked!