Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Celebrating Freedom!

This weekend was July 4th! I went to a BBQ to celebrate! I had so much fun! I love human holidays, I always get lots of food. And food I don't normally get. I got ice cream and a hamburger, and some hot dogs! and not just small bites either. I got lots of food.


Cause the Companion said, "It's a holiday, its a celebration, and food is one of the best ways to celebrate. But not when someone tells you you can't have it, or you shouldn't. Today is a day celebrating Freedom."

That's what the Companion said we are celebrating Freedom.

In my book, I talk a bit about Freedom, it is a new word for me. Because I was born and lived in a puppy mill for my early life. And Freedom isn't something we enjoyed.

I am happy now that I am a house dog, with a sofa, and a Companion and I enjoy many freedoms that I never dreamed of when I was in the puppy mill. I want to remind and ask that as we move into this week and this Moon, that we think about all the animals that are not free, that do not enjoy the freedoms I'm enjoying and we support bring an end to puppy mills.

Please remember that rescues are helping this battle by taking in the dogs and giving them foster homes. This is how I found my companion. So you can help rescues too. As the economy continues to be bad, rescues are having problems. Their biggest problem is that we do not have enough foster homes and many dogs are being turned away. Please consider becoming a foster parent for your local rescues.

But to celebrate freedom I want to list the things I have the freedom to do now, that I didn't have in the puppy mill

I am free to sleep inside.
I am free to sleep on the sofa
I am free to get loving from the Companion.
I am free to feel the sunshine.
I am free to go on walks.
I am free to be alone.
I am free to sleep next to the Companion.
I am free to have good healthy food.
I am free to write my book.
I am free to ride across the country on a bicycle.
I am free to go to BBQs.
I am free to go to the vet (don't really like it, but I can do it).
I am free to know that life isn't supposed to be what it was in the puppy mill.

Happy 4th!

Here I am looking at the Companion wondering why he's not giving me more food. I knew there was more food in that house. But he sat and took a picture of me instead.


  1. We are so glad you had a great 4th of July. You also got something very special. You got to go to a human BBQ. We had to stay home, HDM says three hounds at a BBG would be a little much for the guests. We chilled in the air which helped keep all the loud bangs and booms away from us. Although, we were not scared. And yes, we are thankful all those FREE things as well.

  2. Well said, Antigone. How wonderful that you cherish your freedom. Unfortunately, a lot of humans take this freedom for granted.