Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something New!

The Companion left for several hours today and said the was going to the store. He came back with some new shirts, and a big box. Then after he talked with Brian the roommate, he went into garaged. But he left me in the house. Brian would come in and out saying, it's still a surprise, you have to wait.

A surprise? It's not Christmas.

So I waited.

When the Companion came back in, he went up stairs to get a few things. Then he put my seat belt on me, and my bonnet. The bonnet and seat belt mean, that we are going on the bike. But we don't have a Contraption anymore.

Well now we do! the Companion has bought a brand new Contraption. It is yellow. I love the yellow, it matches my bonnet. It even came with a flag! I love the flag, but I think we need to get one that is white and has my picture on it! Here we are in my new Contraption.

But now he is of course talking about taking a bike tour around Oregon, or going to Seattle, or crossing Wyoming. I say we go home and visit is poor old mother and father. It has been three years nearly, since he has seen them. But he says, that might be too far.

oh its 3000 miles. Really that's too far. I'm going to push for a visit to see his family. Now that it is summer he can bike longer than 50 miles in a day, he can do 70 miles!

I say we go to visit his mom and dad!
Here we are on a bike trail in Portland! Look how pretty the grass is! I can't wait to smell the rest of Portland and Oregon!


  1. Oh, your new contraption is awesome. Glad to see you will be checking things out from some new wheels. The Hounddogs

  2. Excellent! I hope I see you two pedaling around Portland soon... me and my mom (she's the one who keeps a death grip on my leash, I tend to want to wander off and sniff the whole world) are out and about often on the weekends, we'll keep our eyes peeled for you!

    P.S. The bonnet still looks FABULOUS on you!

  3. Blanche and WilmaMay 25, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    We can't wait to see the new contraption. Too bad our mommies won't get one to fit BOTH of us. They said something about "too much weight" but it HAS to be them and NOT us!