Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meeting Up with Bassets

Coming out west has been a great adventure for us. But the trip here is just the start. The real adventure for the Companion is to find a new life. He wants to change himself. This means doing more socially in the community. The Light before this light was the start of this in Portland.

We went to a basset meet up group. There is a group of people who discuss parks in portland, and meet at the same time so their bassets can meet each other. I liked it but some of those bassets were too rambunctious for me. They were very active and very playful. I enjoyed seeing the companion talking with the other humans, and getting and making new connections. Seeing the Companion looking for ways for us to do things together with others makes me feel great. It makes me think that he is really working on not being depressed.

Another thing that makes me really happy to see is that he is again writing. When we first met each other, he would write every day. But that ended when he was depressed. And Thanks to me and my book, he is back at it, and feeling wonderful.

When we were at the basset meet up, I met this handsome boxer bull dog.


  1. Tucker here. My person took me to a PawFest this weekend put on by the Humane Society. I thought she was feeding me to the wolves! I was scared and though I did well for the first few minutes I just got so scared by all the other dogs, especially the big dogs like me. Eventually, I got so scared that I decided to growl and snarl at the other dogs so they would know I didn't want them near me. My person left with me right away. It looks like you had way more fun than I had!

  2. I'm not sure why, but lately for some odd reason when I pull up your blog, rather than being at the most recent post, I'm at much older ones .... anyway! I'm glad you got out and enjoyed the gorgous weather... you should consider heading to Reach the Beach this weekend, I'm taking my pooch :-)

  3. It's wonderful that you are both meeting and making friends in your new community! That is the best way to get connected and make a difference for others. Your Boxer friend is handsome! He reminds me of my brother. ~ Teena (Basset)

  4. Blanche and WilmaMay 15, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Where and when do the basset hounds meet? We would LOVE to uou and join them.

  5. Blanche and Wilma. The companion found them on meet up dot com. They try to meet up once a month or so.

    You got to join in!