Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aids Walk Portland 2010

Today we did the Aids Walk Portland. Lots of fun!

First we biked downtown in a misty rain. It wasn’t so bad, we’ve been in worse. But I could tell the Companion wasn’t pleased. He always feels guilty about such things. There was little traffic today and we were alone on the roads most of the time.

I don’t like being in the rain, but a misty air can clean up the air. A misty air helps scents stay put and not travel away from a place. So I wasn’t really bothered by the mist as we were biking. Once we got to the meeting point, the mist stopped and it was fine.

There were lots of people and I was so excited to be there and give them all a sniff. The Aids Walk helps to support prevention, education and other things with HIV here locally. The Companion was happy about that. He wants to support organizations locally.

Would you be surprised to hear that his obsession with roadside attractions isn’t over? He saw this thing and couldn’t wait to get a picture of me in front of it. This was a big dog fetching a paper for his companion. I don’t care for fetching myself, but if other dogs like it, that’s ok.

We then started walking with a drum line leading the way. It was so loud, and I could feel the vibrations of the drums all over my body. This just got me so excited and I ran head of the Companion. I’d run to the left and right and back and forth. It was so fun.

But it was a lot of walking for a hound to do at once, 2.5 miles! At once! I was done! done! at then end. But so much fun! The Companion would giggle every time I ran in a different direction. I heard him say once, “I knew you’d have fun, but this much fun I didn’t foresee.”

Well it makes a body feel good when you do positive things!

This is me after the walk! So tired! So happy!

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